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  • [2/22/13] Koutack a minimalist mind bending puzzle game, released at Armorgames! Click here to play!
  • [1/1/13] Happy new year greeting from us. Another flash game,Late Lino, released. Plus testimonies! Click here to play!
  • [11/4/12] A blog of "Late Lino" posted!
  • [9/29/12] Linoveus Cube ~part III devlog posted!
  • [9/10/12] "How I produce music" blog from clea leshlick posted!
  • [9/2/12] Linoveus Cube ~part II devlog posted!
  • [8/29/12] Linoveus Cube ~part I posted!
  • [8/23/12] Grand Steam log~04 posted!
  • [8/15/12] A new blog from Lazcht "Gaming Guilt" posted! Check it out!
  • [7/31/12] A Death Will from clea leshlick posted!
  • [7/8/12] Wonderland Cosa Nostra is out! Click here to play it for free~
  • [6/26/12] Wonderland Cosa Nostra Minisite launched! Navigation bar updated, now it makes life 10x easier (to navigate through minisites)!
  • [6/10/12] Games sub-section now is separated from Blog! Gallery, Profile, Services, Contact us section updated!
  • [6/6/12] Grand Steam ~log03 posted!
  • [5/1/12] Grand Steam ~log02 posted!
  • [4/18/12] PIXLE launched!
  • [4/7/12] Music licensing service opened!
  • [3/12/12] Grand Steam ~log01 posted!
  • [11/9/11] Outsmart! launched!
  • [8/4/11] Sword of August launched!
  • Released Games
    Late Lino
    Wonderland Cosa Nostra
    Sword of August